Ensuring the quality of fire pumps helps verify that the pumps will start automatically and operate without failure when needed.

A weekly operational test of all fire pumps should be conducted by running the pump in a “no-flow” or “churn” situation with all valves open as per normal. Qualified operating personnel should monitor the pump while the pump is running. Each pump should run for the proper time interval and be observed for problems. Any abnormalities should be corrected immediately or noted for future correction. If any major malfunctions, such as smoke, excessive vibration, or excessive noise are witnessed, discontinue the test immediately and repair equipment as soon as possible.

Here are the things you should do during the QA test.

  • Notify the alarm company that the fire pump is going to be tested.
  • Start the pump with a drop in system pressure. To do this, open the drain cock located near the pump controller with the jockey pump turned off. Record the pump starting pressure.
  • Check the pump packing glands to verify that a slight discharge of water is visible. If no water is dripping, adjust the packing gland nuts appropriately.
  • Check for excessive vibration, unusual noise, or other signs of malfunction. Make corrections as needed. Discontinue the test if destructive failure appears imminent. Make repairs as soon as possible. If all appears normal continue with the test.
  • Record the system suction and discharge pressures. Record other system data as listed on the appropriate checklist.
  • Verify that the pump operates for the appropriate time period; a minimum of 10 minutes for electric motor driven pumps and 30 minutes for diesel engine driven pumps.
  • Periodically verify that the pump and driver are not overheating during the test.
  • Shut down the pump manually.
  • Turn the jockey pump back on. Restore the fire pump controller to the automatic start position.
  •  Notify the alarm company that the test is complete and that the alarm system should be put back to normal service.


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